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ACES Token, Inc., enhances personal, public and professional resources through creative applications and autonomous functions of its Digital Token-Driven Network System © (“DTDNS”) Program, which operates its Medium-of-Exchange for Digital Property ©.

ACES Tokens represent uniquely identifiable, transferable and redeemable objects, such as goods, services, or other resources, granted by a Token Writer and acknowledged through an operation of the DTDNS at the direction of an acting Token party.

ACES Tokens represent uniquely identifiable, transferable and redeemable objects, such as goods, services or other resources granted by a Token Writer to such as an identified person or to any Token Holder and acknowledged through an operation of the DTDNS, which generates and assigns a unique identification and private key to the Token at the direction of the Token Writer.

An ACES Digital Registrar © function of the DTDNS processes the informational properties of the Token and conveys acknowledgement of the Token to the Writer at the direction of the Token Writer thereby creating a unique Digital Property exchangeable “On Order” or “As Promised” by the Writer as stated within the Token. The ACES Digital Registrar may be directed to acknowledge further activities by ACES Token Writers or Holders whether writing, transferring or redeeming their Digital Properties throughout that Domain known as…

The ACES' Medium-of-Exchange for Digital Property
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Aces Token, Inc., is a Nevada Corporation located on the World Wide Web at

Investors: email for more information on becoming involved in the ACES learning revolution or any of our Token Markets as follows:


ACES Tokens are created as Digital-Tokens representing Digital Property. There are numerous areas of activity that may benefit from the ACES Medium of Exchange that have special features and functions addressed by ACES Token, Inc., such as the following Markets:

  1. Family Tokens – can be written for a great range of activities from such as spousal gifting and entertainment to child development by associating tasks, responsibilities, achievements and initiatives with rewards and allowances
  2. Local Economic Tokens – merchants, vendors and suppliers write Tokens awarded local recipients who visit local establishments thereby reducing customer acquisition costs while stimulating local revenues for Infrastructure Projects;
  3. Apprenticeship Tokens – issued by trade and industry groups to encourage enrollment in apprenticeship programs within the local economy and disadvantage communities.
  4. Academic Tokens – awards issued by educators to students advancing academic achievement while stimulating Local Economic Development;
  5. Veteran Tokens – issued to veterans to repurpose their military technical skills towards personal and leadership development providing them with redeemable local housing and such as consumer goods and services.
  6. Infrastructure Tokens – Civic Leaders issue Tokens received from local merchants to local contractors for addressing smaller infrastructure needs while larger Tokens may be provided by local institutions for larger infrastructure projects avoiding the overly taxing drain on the local economy from such as industrial revenue bonds that transfer wealth out of the local economy.
  7. Homeless Tokens – housing and food tokens issued to homeless individuals in return for meaningful work activities associated with such as infrastructure projects.
  8. Artist Tokens – issued by artists representing their work product in the form of digital art transferred as digital property within Digital Galleries without the costs normally associated with crypto currency “gas fees” and other expenses for art promotion, auctions and physical galleries.
  9. Consortium Tokens – issued to individual persons entitled to equitable distributions of intellectual or proprietary property created by groups having shared resources seeking to achieve common objectives.
  10. Success Tokens – digital property issued by those super fortunate individuals through non-profit organizations as an act of human nature to improve the human condition within disadvantaged areas.
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